I was raised with few boundaries and was never told there were things I couldn’t do. I repossessed cars to finance a 6-month trip to New Zealand, spent a month in Guatemala studying Spanish, opened a restaurant in NC, and went to work for Crispin. Thomas Wolfe said you can’t go home again but I did that too.

Production is about making things, typically lots of things.
5 twenty-two-foot Kraft Mac ‘n Cheese noodles
20′ XGame shipping container-conversion to DJ booth
13 family members of Old Navy Supermodelquins and 200+ body parts
37 million magazine inserts for Virgin Atlantic
100 giant traffic cones for MINI
23 dimensional OOH boards
1800 mirror pieces on a 6’ disco ball
and on and on…

But often the solution is about one.
One hand-sculpted “Fast” prototype given to the VW client on the first day.
One hairstyle for Old Navy’s Kelly that nailed her personality.
One chrome-plated badge needed for a VW car shoot.
One manufacturer of the orange ticket paper needed for a Truth insert.
One nuance you fight for because it speaks that which can’t be verbalized.

Every ad agency needs one Barrie.

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